Our Precious Mindy

Has it been a year since God called you home?
Was it only yesterday that we ate pizza together?
I can see you smile when people
tell me how they saved a turtle and thought of you.

… In our dreams you are alive and well.
Each night we leave the light on for you still.
A movement out of the corner of our eye,
quickly we look, hoping for a glimpse of you.

… In our hearts you live on,
as each night we go to your room to talk to you.
We still tell you to say your prayers,
we love you and goodnight.
Our precious daughter we miss you so.

… In our plans we were suppose to be the first to go.
But we were left in this world to grieve.
God knows how we long to hug you,
see you and to hear your voice once more!
When we get to heaven, we’ll never let you go.

… In our hearts you will always live on.
We see you in the stars and clouds,
in the birds and butterfly’s so free.
Planting flowers, riding horses’
and singing in God’s choir.

… Precious daughter you left too soon.
Please know you’re not forgotten.
You will live forever in our hearts.

Love Forever,
Dad and Mom

Inspired by a song I heard by Karen Taylor-Good

Snow java script courtesy of
Kurt Grigg .

The song playing is 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion